A pilgrimage to find the World’s best beer

I have a reoccurring daydream that I elaborate on each time I think of it. I find myself walking around a ancient village with cobbled streets and wooden framed buildings, there is the hustle and

Minecraft PE Server on Raspberry Pi 2

Owning a ten year old son has meant that for the past few years Minecraft has become a staple diet in our house. If he's not playing it, he's watching DIAMOND MINER* or STIMPY* or BALISTICFISH* on

The Electric Campervan

After helping launch the world's first electric campervan at the NEC last October (2014) I finally got the chance to take it out and give it a right good thrashing! Over the last 6 months, Fish

My 2014 Year in Blogging

It's nice that Wordpress/Jetpack sends me a yearly overview of my blog. It helps to see which posts were more popular than others and reminds me that there are a few people out there that actually

BrewTree – Gravity Fed Homebrew Stand

When I first started thinking about brewing in the garage I researched brewing stands and tables - mainly on Pinterest. I was amazed at the weird and wonderful sculptures that I found, a lot of these

Testing The Grainfather – All Grain Brewing System

In July I noticed an all-in-one brewing system being tested for the UK market by James Kemp, I was curious as this product resembled the Still Spirits Turbo 500 boiler that Martin and I started