BrewTree – Gravity Fed Homebrew Stand

BrewTree 2

When I first started thinking about brewing in the garage I researched brewing stands and tables - mainly on Pinterest. I was amazed at the weird and wonderful sculptures that I found, a lot of these coming from the US. I found two main types of stands that interested me, one using a step system and one using a tree like frame. The main design feature for both being that you can transfer liquid Continue Reading

Testing The Grainfather – All Grain Brewing System

The Grainfather

In July I noticed an all-in-one brewing system being tested for the UK market by James Kemp, I was curious as this product resembled the Still Spirits Turbo 500 boiler that Martin and I started all-grain brewing with a year ago. A quick search confirmed that Imake Ltd the parent company for Still Spirits based in New Zealand had launched a new product - taking the Turbo 500 as a base boiler and Continue Reading

Motorhome and Caravan Show 2014

Motorhome and Caravan Show 2014 (29)

It's that time of year again when we nip over to the NEC for The Motorhome and Caravan Show. This year I visited on behalf of a Derby based client, Hillside Leisure who create beautiful bespoke micro campers. After we built them a new Hillside Leisure website where they can upload details of the vans, I've been writing the campervan news blog and have introduced social channels with a large Continue Reading

Normandy and Brittany Road Trip 2014

Camping Le Point du Jour

Last year in 2013 we took a road trip in the campervan from the UK to the South of France, it was a pretty epic route of 2,260 miles but it made us realise that travelling in the campervan is a much better experience if we break the route into three hour sections to make the most of exploring as we go. This year we decided to hug the northern coast of France driving through Normandy and Brittany Continue Reading

Brewing a Black IPA

Pure green Chinook pellet hops

How time flies in the World of brewing! Mart and I have just finished brewing our 7th all grain batch of beer (see the full list on Untappd) and this time we decided to go all out and produce a Black IPA. If you are new to beer and brewing, a black IPA probably sounds wrong and many posts and articles on the internet will tell you it is wrong! But the idea is that you produce an overly hopped pale Continue Reading

River Dart Country Park

VW T5 Campervan Campsite at River Dart Country Park

We've just returned from a three night break at the River Dart Country Park Campsite and managed to go outside of the school holidays as the school had Thursday and Friday as inset days. We went in the campervan with two other families who were in a caravan and a tent (6 adults, 6 kids) - each allocated pitch was one of the biggest I've been on. The place was empty on the Thursday and Friday Continue Reading

Tap A Draft conditioning and serving beer


After attending the Twissup in Burton Upon Trent (2010) I was sent a demonstration of the Coors Home Draft system (see the post by Andy) and at the time we speculated that this would be great for homebrew if the CO2 canister could be replaced. However, this particular Coors system was designed to be recycled and it is manufactured for single use only. Just before Christmas I started to look at Continue Reading

Adventures in HomeBrew

Wort Chiller

It all started in 2009 when I was discovering the different styles of beer and exploring micro breweries in my area (Derbyshire, UK) I was invited to Nutbrook Brewery to learn about the process of making beer. These guys were making beer from water, grain and hops (as you do) in their garage and I realised that this was something I wanted to do myself. In 2010 I went with Twissup to visit Continue Reading