Tap A Draft conditioning and serving beer


After attending the Twissup in Burton Upon Trent (2010) I was sent a demonstration of the Coors Home Draft system (see the post by Andy) and at the time we speculated that this would be great for homebrew if the CO2 canister could be replaced. However, this particular Coors system was designed to be … [Read more...]

Adventures in HomeBrew

Wort Chiller

It all started in 2009 when I was discovering the different styles of beer and exploring micro breweries in my area (Derbyshire, UK) I was invited to Nutbrook Brewery to learn about the process of making beer. These guys were making beer from water, grain and hops (as you do) in their garage and I … [Read more...]

Tracking Android

speed test

For the last few weeks I've been thinking about GPS tracking and the technology available to us to do this cheaper than it used to be. Amazon and Ebay are selling matchbox size devices that take a PAYGO SIM card and when you ring the device, it answers (silently) and you can listen in. When you hang … [Read more...]

Living The Dream – Touring The South Of France

Driving the T5 along the coast

“Living The Dream” … what an amazing phrase. When I first wanted a campervan the dream was to tour Europe, hopping from one site to the next, enjoying the views and the local customs. Getting to a point in life where I could actually afford to live the dream meant growing up, forging a career and … [Read more...]

Thornbridge Hall Garden Party 2013

Inside Thornbridge Hall

Sunday saw the 11th Annual Charity Garden Party at Thornbridge Hall and it was the 4th time visiting for us. The first year I concentrated on creating images with my SLR but then I got lazy and now just use my iPhone. Although it's a garden party, the actual hall is open to the public … [Read more...]