Minecraft PE Server on Raspberry Pi 2

Minecraft PE server on Raspberry Pi 2

Owning a ten year old son has meant that for the past few years Minecraft has become a staple diet in our house. If he's not playing it, he's watching DIAMOND MINER* or STIMPY* or BALISTICFISH* on YouTube. He plays it on iDevices, Xbox 360 and PC and we only got him a PC because he winged about not being able to ride a horse in the other platforms. The thing is, I don't actually mind it - It's Continue Reading

The Electric Campervan

Dalbury E Campervan (3)

After helping launch the world's first electric campervan at the NEC last October (2014) I finally got the chance to take it out and give it a right good thrashing! Over the last 6 months, Fish Media has been working with a Derby based campervan conversion company - Hillside Leisure - to update their website and create new social media channels and I finally got the opportunity to test Continue Reading

My 2014 Year in Blogging

Your 2014 year in blogging

It's nice that Wordpress/Jetpack sends me a yearly overview of my blog. It helps to see which posts were more popular than others and reminds me that there are a few people out there that actually read what I write. It's not the most visited blog in the world, but I enjoy sharing anything that I find interesting and hope some of the posts help others. Click below to see the fireworks: 2014 Continue Reading

BrewTree – Gravity Fed Homebrew Stand

BrewTree 2

When I first started thinking about brewing in the garage I researched brewing stands and tables - mainly on Pinterest. I was amazed at the weird and wonderful sculptures that I found, a lot of these coming from the US. I found two main types of stands that interested me, one using a step system and one using a tree like frame. The main design feature for both being that you can transfer liquid Continue Reading