Tracking Android – Mobile Data

For the last few weeks I've been thinking about GPS tracking and the technology available to us to do this cheaper than it used to be. Amazon and Ebay are selling matchbox size devices that take a

WiFi Security Camera

If you want a little bit of security but don't want a load of holes and wires around the house, consider a WiFi Security Camera. For about £60 Foscam have a range of cameras that simply need a power

Photo editing with iPad

Here are a few photo's I took today with my SLR and imported onto the iPad for editing. I mainly used Snapseed and an app called Finishing Touch to remove the number plate. At the moment I'm not

The New Three MiFi (Huawei E586)

Well I didn't think they could improve on the older (second generation) Three MiFi, but I was wrong! This Huawei E586looks like sex on a stick! don't you think? ;) It now comes with a nice

INOV8 12v Battery Charger

In the quest to run everything from 12v I needed the ability to recharge my camera batteries as well as other general purpose AA batteries. I found this product called INOV8 Universal li-ion Battery

Twin USB and Twin 12v Adapter

This is a car twin 12v cigarette lighter power adapter supplied by Cables and Leads from Derby. When I'm away in the caravan I struggle with the limited 12v power sockets. This device will provide two