Make A Simple Twitter Header With iPad

Twitter Header Image

I was messing about on the iPad last night creating a new avatar for 2013 and wanted to also update my twitter header image. This is what I did:

  1. Found seven squared instagram images that related to me or my interests and saved them to the camera roll
  2. Added each image to a new iPad album with the name of “.”
  3. Screen grabbed the album screen using the home button and power button
  4. Uploaded the screen grab using the twitter app

That’s it! simple but effective don’t you think? I like the way the ‘real’ twitter avatar slots nicely over the others giving a carousel effect (a bit of a fluke really). You could also set your iPad to a different time or edit the screen grab in an app to remove any of the iPad display information.

Here’s a screen grab using my past avatars which could be good for someone who likes to change their avatars often and confuse people 😉 …


Let me know if you use this method and I’ll post some screengrabs:

20130119-043227 PM.jpg

20130120-092510 AM.jpg

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