Derby City Bimble #RIPScoop

2013-05-18 13.29.32 HDR

I’m lucky to live in an area where real ale is in abundance. I’m also lucky that in 2009 I met a Master that has taught me a great load about beer. Sometimes I get invited to all day events that involve learning about beer, drinking beer, meeting people who appreciate good beer and generally having a SMASHING time.

Saturday 18th May 2013 was just one of those days and it was all thanks to Simon. Here’s a link to Simon’s post.

2013-05-18 13.30.09

As a photoblog, I’ll let the photo’s tell the story …

There will never be a Bimble like this again. This post was published on 21st May 2013.

Rest in peace my good friend.

Simon H Johnson



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